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The most comfortable shoes to wear backed up by scientific research

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Are you looking for some good shoes to do your daily activities or even your training? After many researches of human movement behaviors and the correlation with human health, scientists are sharing the healthy shoes footwear. In this article after uncovering science, we present the list of the most comfortable and healthy shoes to wear.|

Wearing uncomfortable shoes put pressure on the back and spine, our legs and ankles leading to back pain in short term. It does affect body movement by forcing us to make more moves to compensate the lack of support. Have you ever felt like your legs swollen? It is a cause of low blood circulation in legs due to bad shoes.

Researchers from Harvard University and the University of Australia found that the most suitable shoes have a sole flexible enough and in terms of size is a low size sole, so that the foot muscles can work and gain strength. Barefoot shoes are ideal to avoid knee pain, lower back damage and the "flat feet" according to this article.

This is the reason a movement of people has been acquiring shoes like the sport shoes barefoot for their daily activities. They have a flexible sole and adjust easily to the feet. There are so many patterns, colors and styles suitable for any activity like sports and normal everyday tasks. We love the designs and how they are so comfortable.

When we talk about footwear, high heels are often a topic because women usually have narrow, pointed, high-heeled shoes at their disposal.

According to a human movement researcher at the University of the Netherlands, high heels are at the root of back pain that results in the curvature of the inside back. As for men, shoes tend to be more comfortable, but you should be careful with steel-toed shoes and use more breathable ones.

Specialists advise the harm of using the same type of footwear every day. We should vary our footwear by introducing more shoes with low heels and thin flexible sole. Flexible sole shoes are the most recommended by researchers, but should not be worn on all occasions because of risk of injury as referred. The key word is to vary your footwear by opting for low-soled and flexible shoes more often.

We know inherently when we wear some kind of shoes that are not so comfortable and we try to tolerate the pain by using them in some occasions. If you do this, be more attentive and recognize that something does not feel okay to your feet. If you are not comfortable, you are not doing yourself any good.

Our feet are our friends and support us everywhere. Be also friends with your feet. 

Here is a list of the most comfortable and healthy footwear:

... and still so stylish!

1 - Sports Shoes Barefoot by VIFUUR

Already wrote above but this is a favorite for so many people already. This a combination of high comfort and resistant sole to any sharp surface. On one side there is the smooth and adjustable tissue that supports and molds to the feet. On the other side there is the strong and flexible sole that makes it so easy to move and refreshing for your feet to experience being as if barefoot but at the same time supported by robustness.It is a perfect footwear for walking, running, biking, going for shopping, home activities anything. They adhere well to surfaces and dry quick. It is a must for water activities where it is needed a good adhere sole. It can be used by men and women.

2 - Men's KSO shoes and Women's KSO shoes by VIBRAM FIVE FINGERS

These barefoot shoe company has a patent of barefoot design.The company founder Vitale Bramani who invented the Carramato sole which is used in the strongest mountain boots worldwide is the same company responsible for the patent US780586082 of the five fingers barefoot sole and shoe design. In 2006 the Vibram® FiveFingers® were released to the market and a year later Time magazine named Vibram® FiveFingers®: the best inventation of 2007". You can read more about the revolutionizing Vibram patent by search the US780586082.

3 - Pervail shoes by New Balance for women here and for men here

The famous brand has come in 2011 with a new line of shoes named by Minimus. For that creation they met with famous runners and specialists to design a shoe suitable for anyone needs. A barefoot community of runners has grown since the best selling book Born to Run success published also in 2011. Besides being a phenomenon by inspiring people to run, it advocates the barefoot running. This new balance shoes were created taking in consideration barefoot comfort and balance. There are many design and colors like this. Not only they are comfortable and they are also good looking shoes.

4 - Men's Minimalist Trail Runner and Women's Minimalist Trail Runner by WITHIN

These shoes are convenient to runners and perfect for any daily activity of not runners. They are more affordable as comparing to other brands. The minimalist shoes by WITHIN are referred as " extremely comfortable", "conform to my foot while still offering firm support" and very comfortable. There is a customer that mentioned that her knee and toe pain has vanished.

5 - Women's Outdoor Sandals by Luffymomo and Men's Outdoor Sandals by ATIKA

In same article of Time mentioned above, the researchers refer the sandals as a great type of shoe that bring support to the feet and ankles. We found of the most suitable shoes based on this information. Through the day the feet get warm and sweat and that is another reason why sandals are not only comfort but convenient. LUFFYMOMO and ATIKA shoes are well known for comfort, strong structure and flexible sandals for any activity.

Have you tried these shoes?

Share your experiences in the comments.

photo credits: Pexel


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