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The best 12 features to enjoy in the new iPhone 12 Pro Max and in a similar low-cost smartphone

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It is possible to know more about iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Prox max and also comparing it to a cheaper smartphone. Though first, did you know the story of the first cell phone message? In 1993 British test engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS to the cell phone of Vodafone director Richard Jarvis, who was at a Christmas party, and the message said "Merry Christmas". At the time Neil was working for Sema Group, a company that was doing services for the Vodafone company. It is a good sign that, the world's first SMS message was a message of good wishes to another person. Since then the cell phone has developed tremendously.

When we stop to think how wonderful it is to have a smartphone, we are fascinated. It is sure that the hard work and dedication of Mr. Papworth evolved into the success of the SMS worldwide use. He was inspired to send this friendly message "Merry Christmas" to Mr. Jarvis who was probably enjoying a glass of wine and a laugh with his friends at the moment. It was at the right time for a step into a communication revolution.

Today the cell phone changed its name to smartphone because it is indeed smart. It is a computer in the palm of our hands, and also a camera, a GPS, a compass, a recorder, as well as multiple tools such as ruler and angle meter. However, if you are like me, it is not just about having a cell phone that allows us to do various things. If a smartphone has slow processing, compared to what is already available, its half away of the potential in a today's smartphone.

The requirements most people consider important in a smartphone are related with the following essentials:

  • Processor: have a fast processor to navigate between apps with fluidity and touch sensitivity;
  • Storage: store large amounts of data safely;
  • Photos: take photos with excellent quality even if it's sunsets, at night and selfies;
  • Videos: shoot videos with perfect camera stability;
  • Battery: high capacity and durability;
  • Screen: have excellent resolution and strong visor screen.

In this post it is exposed how Apple manages the smartphone production in the context of social ethics and sustainability. Following that, it is presented the latest iPhone released and the 12 best features. In the next part, it is revealed a smartphone that is similar to the iPhone presented and its 12 best features as well. At the end, you will find a special note that will revolutionize what you think.

Apple products are known to have a superior level of quality because the company has strict quality criteria and aims to offer impressive embedded technology. Often we have been hearing the news of higher world demand in electronic components and the related issues of metal exploiting from Earth. In this context, it is interesting to know about Apple's policy materials in the production process. Besides Apple has been working alongside suppliers to reduce environmental impact of their companies. Isn't this wonderful, that a company helps other companies to achieve their own environmental goals in the complete supply chain? In 2019 Apple prevented over one million metric tons of carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions to the planet and:

  • The iPhone are free of toxic chemical materials: arsenic free, mercury free, BRF free (a fire retardant that is toxic for people) and beryllium free;
  • The stunning haptic technology, an engine inside that reacts to motion and tactile experiences is made of 100% recycled tungsten;
  • The magnets which constitute the electronic circuits inside are made of 100% recycled rare elements. This stands for 98% of rare earth elements in the device;
  • The essential element constituting in any electronic device is tin because it is used to solder the metals to the board and in iPhones 100% of the tin is recycled. In a wide world of electronic companies, Apple stands positively above the norm;
  • They made free of PVC (a poisoning kind of plastic) instead Apple relies on safe materials that provide strong structure. The 35% of the plastic used are recycled;
  • Apple has reduced 58% of plastics in packaging over the last four years.

Wondering about the rare materials that make an iPhone.... if people stop and think closely about it, feel how unique is to have an iPhone.

.Apple has social responsibility and cares about people's health, life and their own grow in the communities:

  • Apple has health educational programs to workers in China, India and Vietnam about prevention, nutrition and maternal health;
  • In 2019 provided a free health program to 840 000 employee supplier workers;
  • Apple assures that their supplier companies have work ethics with their employees, monitoring their own rights. The company assures that engineers make the most safe machines to operate. They partnered with Pact (International development organization that works in 40 countries) to offer young people learning programs and tools to acquire work skills. People have became hairdressers, welders, tailors and mechanics through this program;
  • Apple go deep into the source of the supplier's source by knowing how the suppliers exploits the minerals as well as creating value to communities. Apple has teamed with Salmon Gold, Tiffany and Co. and Resolve non profit organization to give value to indigenous communities.
  • Apple is open to share the names of their hundred suppliers in a public database.
  • It is also honored as one of the first companies to create environmental and work ethics in the entire supply chain.

The best 12 features to enjoy in the new iPhone 12 Pro Max - find this iPhone here. It is another idea of gift for a person.

  1. A14 bionic processor: this technology is embedded in a 5nm chip that has 11.8 million transistors, 6 central processing unit (6-core CPU) and 4 graphics processing unit (4-core GPU) that has 50% faster graphics processing that any other iPhone and it is the fastest processing in the smartphones industry. It also saves energy than the previous model. This chip is the smallest and fastest chip ever built;
  2. Memory and CPU: this value is very important because it determines whether your phone will work quickly and you will not get stuck clicking. RAM carries all data to the processor (CPU). The large RAM and CPU of this phone allows the smartphone respond quickly and efficiently to any command or click made;
  3. CPU measure: 2x 2.65GHz Firestorm + 4x 1.8GHz Icestorm;
  4. Professional photo: the lens of 12 mega pixel to take high definition pictures even far away from the object. It is also known for outstanding portrait photos. The camera has Wide and Telephoto image stabilizer sensors for automatic image stabilization. It has portrait mode with advanced bokeh effect (the out of focus effect), depth control and sapphire crystal lens cover and advanced red-eye correction. The 12MP wide camera, 12MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide with high technology embodied make it a great photo experience;
  5. Panorama camera lens: take the most of the environments with high megapixel lens, 63MP. Besides it has ultra-wide angle and standard wide camera;
  6. The LIDAR technolgy: the new feature implement to smartphones that allows accessing augmented reality features and 3D captures with laser technology. Combined with the rear cameras, the LIDAR SENSOR takes low-light photos of daylight and night photos with precision. This is a leading point in the development of the smartphones;
  7. Camera connected to neural engine: the image signal processor processes the multiple photos taken with any of the four cameras. The A14 bionic 6-core CPU computes the alignment of the frames, the 4-core GPU process the photos to the neural engine where it uses machine learning operations at fastest speed to provide advanced quality photos and videos;
  8. The super retina XRD in the screen: this OLED display has a wide P3 color gamut (video-oriented range of colors used in cinematographic industry higher than the previous sRGB standard). The diagonal lenght is 6.7 inches (17 cm). It features HRD content (better level of color and brightness range, high peak brightness, high contrast ratio, low reflectance). It has a resolution of 2778 x 1284 pixels, contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 and maximum brightness of 800 nits or 1,200 nits;
  9. Video camera resolution and stability: records at 4K until 60 fps. These fps units is the frame rate that means each second of video can show 60 images. It is filmed with HDR and Dolby Vision, a feature that was only available with ear plugs. HDR is High Dynamic Range video, which comprehends a broader range of colors black and white, which make contrast on the screen much enjoyable. By the way ear plugs are not received in the pack. The video has also technology OptiWhile 4k that make possible to exist more pixels, better image stabilization for video (Wide and Telephoto) as well as cinematic video stabilization at 4K, 1080p, and 720p. It is notable the Night mode Time-lapse features;
  10. Battery capacity: it is charged 50% in half an hour and as 3969mAH. It charges at 20W. It is a fair enough high battery capacity for today. Nowadays we have plenty of options to save energy which we do not use: we can decrease light screen (which we're also saving our vision) or simply turn on the dark mode. The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes without charger. In order to prolong the battery initial properties it is important to not let the iPhone shout down completely without battery energy;
  11. Memory: choose three internal storage options: 128GB or 256GB or 512GB. These sizes are for the space to save the downloaded apps, the music files, videos, photos, books and all kind of downloaded files. When we talk about photos and files, the majority of people has increased quantity in their smartphones. Apple has offer until the higher size of 512GB in order to meet all kind of people needs. Regarding the external memory, the iPhone comes without an external space for external memory (SD card). Storage is not an issue nowadays since there multiple solutions available to store our data. Yet when we have our own iPhone with a safe and large space to store first our own files and only going to other storage options much later on, this is a feature to take and enjoy as much as possible.
  12. The strongest screen embodying ceramic shield formula: Apple created the strongest ceramic shield screen for the iPhone making the iPhone 12 models the toughest smartphones that resist to drops and scratches. The cover is made of stainless steel. Apple made these models to be durable to most common drops. Of course drops are unpredictable and Apple knows about that yet it is notable that iPhone 12 models resisted to drops on some sharp surfaces;
  13. Sophisticated design and colors: The color tones available match perfectly to the smooth surface material, the slight curves at the edges and back cover. One favorite is the pacific blue color. There is also black, white and gold.

People enjoy the large iPhone 12 Pro Max as it allows to watch videos and execute touch fingerprints with larger visual space. However, for those that prefer smaller smartphones, it is possible to choose the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 mini. These models have similar quality. They are lighter, have a slight decrease in image resolution and battery capacity. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini have all 4k video and image recording and the battery is charged 50% in half an hour. All are rated IP68 water and dust resistant, and are resistant for 30 minutes at a depth of 4 meters.

The smartphone iPhone 12 Pro Max as well other Apple smartphones come in a box made of 100% virgin wood from responsibly managed forests supported by Apple. Holding the iPhone 12 Pro Max is accessing a high level of technology and wonder in our hands. On top of this we get a product from a noble brand that cares for the planet and people's health. Apple has precise sustainability policies for their suppliers and own production.

Not only we have an advanced and unique iPhone in the palm of our hands, we get a sense that we did it well. Apple is doing all right in every sense possible.

Even if this is one of the most impressive smartphones at the market today and it feels powerful to hold it, it cannot be the right purchase in the moment. If you're on a budget either you're saving money for essential things in your life, it is not the right time to go for it. Sometimes we just do not need to be at the top. Don't you feel it? Sometimes we don't want to be all cheerful and joyful. All we need is just to feel ok-a-y for the d-a-y. We just want to feel good and that's all we look for. In the same way, there are smartphones that have good quality similar to the iPhones 12 PRO MAX and can satisfy our needs for a much lower price. The Xiaomi has many fans worldwide, and is known for offering great quality for a low price. The latest Model, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro was released on 4 of March 2021 and the brand confirmed the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 will not be available for other countries.

Even if we can't experience the latest model of Xiaomi Redmi, we still can grab our hands in the latest model available worldwide: the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro. It is a unbelievable stunning smartphone. It offers high quality at an affordable price.

The top features of smartphones only appear in high-end models and last over the years only in these models. However, as the Chinese market is more densely populated and more competitive, Chinese brands are emerging and offering features that would be only in high-end models putting them in accessible smartphones to the general population. Even if we can't experience the latest model of Xiaomi Redmi, we still can grab our hands in the latest model available worldwide: the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. It is a unbelievable stunning smartphone. It offers high quality at an affordable price.

The best 12 features to enjoy in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max - Find this phone here

  1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor: a high-performance octa-core capable of reaching 2.3GHz frequency, where it also includes artificial intelligence engine with improved AI computing performance: 2x 2.3GHz Kryo 465 Gold + 6x 1.8GHz Kryo 465 Silver;
  2. Memory 6 RAM: this phone as the same size RAM as in the iPhone 12 Pro Max;
  3. Multiple cameras: its 64MP main camera captures every detail in stunning quality, while its 8MP wide-angle camera is capable of capturing more space in a single shot, increasing the angle of view: 64MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP. Rear cameras: 64MP (wide), 8MP (ultrawide), 5MP (macro), 2MP, (depth) and Front camera: 32MP (wide);
  4. Camera resolution for photos: 9238 x 6928 pixels;
  5. Features: Accelerator, Proximity, Gyroscope, compass, Fingerprint (iPhone doesn't have one), noise reduction microphone, dual SIM (iPhone allows one SIM and e-SIM);
  6. 4G LTE technology: allows data transfer and excellent internet browsing with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. In practical terms, users use 4G technology for internet, which is what is available worldwide;
  7. Screen size: 6,67 inches equal size to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and resolution of 1080x2400 pixel with 16 million colors;
  8. Video camera resolution and stability: records at 4K resolution 3840x2160, at 30 fps, 960 at slow motion and full HD; front camera HDR;
  9. Battery capacity: 5020mAh;
  10. Internal memory: The phone comes with an internal memory capacity of 128GB, which is double the internal memory of the 64GB iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is also possible to purchase 64GB;
  11. Screen protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5;
  12. Stylish and beauty: The thickness of 8.8 mm makes it a nice smartphone to look at. The available colors are also attractive and sensory: Aqua Green, Pebble Grey and Arctic White.

The Xiaomi Redmi note 9 Pro Max comes with a charger, headphones and space for a 512GB memory card. There is also the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro which is the same as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro MAX but has half the pixels in the front camera (16 MP).

Today our gratitude goes for all the developers, the investors, the creators along the history who invented multiple features that evolved to our smartphones.This practical device available at our fingerprints is so powerful: it is an extended of our voice, our heart, our fingers, our brain.

It is a tool that makes us DO MORE, BE MORE and FEEL MORE of OURSELVES.

Our deepest gratitude goes to the production operators who relentlessly work with pride and joy as well as for all CEOs who bring new projects and ideas and create multiple job opportunities assuring work and better lives for all. Each person has been playing an important role in the cell phone history to nowadays. It feels wonderful to notice this ever evolving industry, made of people, by people.

How much have you grow because of using your smartphone?

How much have you increased your connection to your loved ones because of using smartphone?

How much have you learn while using your smartphone?

Share in the comments your stories of how your life was made better because of using smartphone. Everyone is eager to read your comment.


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