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How to protect your hands skin in times of pandemic

Self-care and Health

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It is possible to know how to protect the hands and keep your skin healthy and smooth with the best habits and formula. When the corona virus pandemic started, scientists and epidemiologists didn't know very much about the virus, its dangers to people and accurate effects. Although from the beginning, we were told that frequent hand washing, mask wearing and physical distance, are ways to avoid contagion. Knowing that these actions prevent the contagious, made me feel more secure amidst the news of uncertainty.

In this post, I will share how the increased hand washing can causes dry, wrinkled and redness hands skin. Then I will reveal the hand cream that restored the natural health balance of my skin. It will be shown the reasons why this worked. At the end you can read a helpful message dedicated to you, if you ever find yourself in a situation of panic or worry, not only about your hands skin, but about any topic that pop out like the pandemic.

All over the internet, videos began to proliferate of people counting up to twenty seconds to wash their hands. Others singing the Happy Birthday song while washing, and when they reach at the end of the song, it means the end of the washing. People got many creative ways to teach the importance of washing your hands well with soap, between the fingers, palm and back of your hands.

During these increased number of times washing my hands, my hands skin became more unprotected. Each washing with soap, the natural grease that exists on the surface of the skin comes off. In addition to that, the alcohol gel that I also started using frequently during the day made me notice that my hands skin lost the natural balance and got damaged. After a few weeks became wrinkled and worn down. Even cuts appeared during the very cold winter days.

Still, I advocate continuous hand washing and the use of alcohol gel whenever we touch objects that we don't know if they are disinfected or not.

So I had to find a way to continue the habit of frequent hand washing and still have the natural health and balance of the skin restored. What I did was paying attention to my habits. I was able to find 2 steps that make all the difference and are now part of my routine because the skin on my hands is healthy again, with the natural grease layer, protected and freshly looking from the inside out.

Step 1: Make sure your hands are dry after washing them

As I mentioned above, everyone talks about washing our hands well, but we should also know how to dry our hands well. We must be sure that the skin of our hands is really dry: between the fingers, the palm of our hands, and especially between the "dimples" that exist between the protruding bones that we have on the top of our hands. If you close your hand, you will see which "dimples" I am referring to. When our body is in contact with water for a long time, the skin starts to become wrinkled. This is very noticeable when you take a bath in the tub. If we don't dry the palms of our hands and these dimples where water collects after washing, the skin stays wet longer, and repeating this habit causes this effect on the skin.

Use a towel to gently wipe between the nooks and crannies of your hands. It's a simple drying gesture that makes a difference. Over time you will see the difference. We are our habits.

Step 2: Daily use of Uriage Bariéderm hand cream - protective barrier cream

Before using this cream, I had a redness that I never had before on the surface of one of my hands. After using for three days, the redness disappeared completely. After a week of using the Uriage Bariéderm cream 2 to 3 times a day, I could notice that my skin was healthy again, naturally resistant and normal. I continue to use the alcohol gel when I need, wash my hands frequently, and I still apply the Uriage hand cream that protects me from skin aggression and keeps my skin balanced. Keep washing your hands and take care of your environments. Using this hand cream is an essential routine to keep doing even after seeing the results. It prevents, protects and nourishes the skin.

Why Uriage Bariéderm cream works:

  • Because... it consists of 2 polymers that are insulators of the skin surface and prevent cracks and aggression;
  • Because...it has manuka honey, a honey that has unique antibacterial properties, more persistent and stable than ordinary honey. Bees collect pollen from the manuka tree, which grows in the wildest part of East Cape Island in northern New Zealand. This plant, the manuka, is important in traditional Maori culture and is known for its natural protection against bacteria and health-giving properties;
  • Because...Uriage creams consist of Uriage thermal spring water, that comes from the top of French Alps. It has the rigth concentration of in calcium, magnesium and silica. Calcium and magnesium soothes and restructure the skin's barrier while silica strengthens the hydrophilic layer. The concentration of the mineral salts is close to that present in the skin, therefore after restoration, the skin's moisture and balance is maintained.
  • Beacause... the protective barrier of the two polymers that make up the cream, together with the right concentration of minerals and dosage of manuka honey, make this cream an excellent ally. It is not a greasy cream and absorbs easily into the skin. I am completely satisfied with the result of using this cream.

By the way, Uriage has creams for all skin types and various body areas as the specific cream Uriage Xemose. The variety of creams are suitable for each specific skin care. I'm glad there are creams like this.

In the beginning of pandemic, hearing in the news scientists and epidemiologists saying that this is an unknown virus and it is unpredictable contagious, you might remember to have felt a heavy worry. If some kind of situation like this ever happens in your life, where you feel the same way, just embrace what is. Embrace what you hear, what you see. Then remember there is another way, even if this better way is not real now. You can accept the reality as worrisome as it is.

You can also search for hopeful things even if it seems there is not any.

You can strive for better days.

You can still do little things that you enjoy doing and savor them.

Be a searcher of little hopeful things in between.

And you will find them immediately.

You will hook to them. You will turn them so relevant to you, these grounded things such as washing your hands.

In the pandemic we can actually stick to what we can control, like these simple acts of washing our hands, wearing masks, as well as keeping our physical distance. We will be acting on what we can control, and feel better, more hopeful and confident. And I believe that's the way to go after all: to focus on what you can do. In the middle of uncertainty, we can do our part.

This is how the certainty becomes dominant.


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