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How to paint your home walls, ceilings and trims - Do It Yourself

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If you are looking to know the steps and hacks to paint, find what you need to do and the most recommendable items from major retailers here.

Nowadays it is possible paint the walls of your house by yourself - be it the living room, bedroom or office. All you need is the essential items to paint and your own will. Painting can become a hobby and a moment to engage in a productive manual task.

Crafting and home activities such as painting the walls play significant role in reducing stress and improving the self-satisfaction according to this scientific study published in BMC Public Health.

It is certain that after you have painted the walls of your home yourself, you will feel proud that you have achieved the effect you wanted: providing color, hygiene and brightness to your home. If your wall or ceilings are blackened from moisture, we have written this guide to remove moisture and prevent it from forming. It applies to bathroom ceilings, kitchens, or corners of the house where the sun doesn't penetrate, any area. One of the solutions is to paint with a special anti-mold paint. However there are other solutions for removing mold and keep your home healthy.

  • Many people already paint the walls of their houses without using professionals. Of course it depends on your availability, but if you haven't done it yet and want to check if you are able to paint some walls, the first step is to learn from those who also didn't paint and became their own house painter. We have found the most informative video on Youtube where you can easily follow the instructions. This video is one of the most watched on painting walls and ceilings. Learn there the easy and smart tips. What is the order for painting the room areas? It is suggested to paint first the trims, the ceilings and lastly the walls.

  • The second step is to clean the surfaces you want to paint so that they are dust-free. This way after painting you will see that the walls will be smoother and more perfect.

  • The third step is to gather all the essential items so that you can actually start painting. For this we recommend the best items that you can find at major online retailers:

1. Pick up the Paint Edge Banding Machine: available here

With this paint roller you can paint both the walls and the ceilings of your house because the rollers are adaptable.

In addition it has a paint cutting tool so that you can paint freely around doors, windows, baseboards, etc. So you don't have to put tape around those edges, the paint edge has a paint cutting tool. See the explanatory video on the page and the number of people who have already purchased it.

2. Before applying the paint, apply Rust-Oleum - Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer: available here

A primer is a paint-like product that serves as a support for the paint to adhere better and give a strong, perfect finish in the end.

3. Choose the paint colors you want: available here

Paint colors have an impact on people's moods. For example blue is known to be a calming color. While and nude are the most broad colors used because they are neutral and make the rooms feel more open and spacious. What is the effect you would like to bring into the room? Check here the relation between each color and the effect on the room and pick up your favorites.

4. Purchase Rust-Oleum - Premium Latex Paint: available here

This brand of paint has been in great demand because it eliminates any marks or imperfections on the walls as stated in the description "Flat finish minimizes surface imperfections". It is possible to paint all kinds of surfaces, from walls, metals, wood and ceramics. The paint dries quickly.

5. For corner painting use this corner painter available here that allows you to paint in the corners and edges perfectly.

Have productive and smart paintings at your home!

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