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How to choose a perfect treadmill

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Do you what to know how to choose your treadmill? Discover here what is important for you to check when choosing to buy a treadmill. All treadmills monitor the heart rate, calories and distance, but here you will know the features that differentiate the treadmills, so that it is possible to choose a durable and suitable treadmill for you. In order to know the advantages and a complete guide to be fit, check our post here. Treadmill workouts play a significant effect on your self-care and health.

  1. The maximum speed range to run: As you increase the speed, the tread belt speed will increase and will make you move to the same speed to follow up the movement. If you are a moderate runner or aim to be runner, choose a treadmill until 12 km/h. If you are a professional athlete or aim to develop your running capabilities, choose one treadmill with maximum speed until 18 km/h. For people who is looking for a treadmill to walk until fast-pace walking by doing some exercising at home to increase flexibility, choose a maximum speed of 8 km/h, it is enough and you do not need to look for higher speeds since they will make you run.
  2. The power in hp: This value measures the performance of the engine with the speed of tread belt. The higher the maximum speed, the higher will be this value.
  3. Hydraulic system: Nowadays treadmills are strong and robust. But if you really want to be sure that you're doing a good order purchasing a strong and durable treadmill, then look for treadmills with a hydraulic system. This means the treadmill is folded smoothly and also stands up easily. These are the most strong and user friendly treadmills.
  4. Foldable: choosing a foldable treadmill saves space in everywhere you choose to put it after training. And if you find a treadmill with wheels to turn on, then you can move anywhere. It turns your training flexible because you can train wherever you want around the house. Move it to the garage, to the living room, to the front porch... anywhere you feel like training. And after training, tide the folded treadmill easily. The place where you choose to tide the treadmill will always look clean.
  5. The inclination mode: Inclination offers also a new challenge to the training and broadens the variety of exercises that you can do on the treadmill. Having this option of turning on the inclination, gives the benefit of working many different muscles of the legs. In the market, there are treadmills with manual inclination modes where you need to go out of the treadmill belt to change the angles and there is also treadmills with e automatic inclination mode where, while being on the treadmill, you turn on the angles and keep the training. Choose the automatic inclination mode because it provides momentum to your training without interruption.
  6. Noise protection: Most treadmills have a system in the treadmill belt to buffer the sound but if you really want to increase the silence caused the impact of the steps and the treadmill vibration, put a noise reduction dedicated mat under the treadmill, such as the Anti-slip Blanket Home Gym Sport. Not only this mat reduces the sound of the exercise in the treadmill, it is the ally do stretches and other exercises on it before and after each session! Choose the M size because it is larger and more space means and more freedom for you to exercise.
  7. The belt size area where you will run. The standard belt width is 18 inches the standard length is 48 inches. Although it is possible to run and walk with incline in less area, taking a short stride. The tallest people can take short stride when running or simply use tread above this standard area. Measure the length and width from one feet to another feet in one stride that you feel normal doing. Then look for the length and width of the belt where you will run.


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