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Get an Upright Posture - 10 ideas for busy people to get a correct posture, back pain relief and confidence

Self-care and Health

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Did you know how a good posture can make you look confident and be healthier? Whether you spend much time using your phone, working on a pc for long hours, in remote work or in the company, you are a student or even a machine operator, it is never too late to get your corrected line spine and good posture. It is possible to achieve it through memory, tools and habits that counter-back curved snipe routines. Learn below as we uncover a list of 10 ideas to implement daily and get a correct posture. Try it and see for yourself

The invention of cell phones, industry machines and computers improved our lives but instantly placed us in frequent bad postures. We are all in this together. Citizens of all countries around the world face the consequences of smartphone and computer habit routines: back pain, curved spine and curly shoulders.

Advantages of having a straight spine and correct posture:

  • A straight back creates a positive image of people and it is a sign of confidence and determination. Not only creates a confident image, it promotes self-assertiveness of thoughts. According to this study published on Science Daily people who sat upright were more likely to believe their thoughts (either good or bad) than those who sat slouched forward.
  • Having an upright posture means will not suffer from back pain, lower back pain or hip pain because the weight of the head and body is aligned with the shoulders and back during their postures.

Below we have listed 10 ways on how to correct your posture and create new habits to have an upright spine. With these habits you are creating muscle memory in your body towards correct spine position. After following the plan below, you will notice that your body will tend to the correct position more easily and quickly.

As we have already said in this post, it is possible to continue doing everything you already do (including viewing your phone in the position you want). Just gently apply these ideas to your everyday life. University of Guelph researcher Lori said to Harvard here that it's never too late to add habits to your daily routine and correct your posture.

1 . Set the goal:

Decide that in the next 60 days you'll be towards correcting your posture. Creating this goal to add new habits, will give you a chance to see for yourself the difference in your posture when you complete the goal;

2 . Reminder:

Before you go to work for 4 hours in front of the computer, make use of your smartphone alarm clock, and set an alarm every half hour to remind yourself to put your back upright, align your spine with the tips of your feet. This is a tip from Alison Beaton, a physiotherapist and owner of a clinic that deals with people with bad posture. Did you know that a clinic of health care professionals has created a computer program that pauses everything you are doing and reminds you to do spinal stretching exercises? See it here at the site StretchBreak. There is plenty of support in multiple forms to help you get the correct posture you want!

3 . Utilize a good posture correction 2 hours per day - every day:

A good posture corrector is the one that is not noticeable under the clothes, it does not feel tight and with 2 hours of use per day for a month creates muscle memory of a correct back posture. This posture corrector company recommends beginning with for 5 minutes of use, then 10 minutes everyday and then increase to 2 hours - the ComfyBrace Posture Corrector for men and women. As referred there, aligning properly your posture, it takes pressure off of key areas, thus alleviating back, neck, shoulder and clavicle pain;

4 . Utilize an intelligent necklace that connects to your smartphone - the Bestand Intelligent Posture Correct. Download the app and wear the tech necklace during the hours when you are not using the ComfyBrace Posture Corrector from point number 3. This necklace has a sensor that notices when you're in a position slouch, curved spine and vibrates gently to remind you to get back to the upright posture. Moreover the app has a list of posture correction training and it comes with a one-year warranty;

5 . Combine 2 hours of your day to use the ComfyBrace Posture Corrector and the intelligent necklace the remaining hours:

Look at the results after few weeks of use! It is a challenge when you're looking at your smartphone, or washing the dishes, or working on your computer and not wearing the posture corrector. The necklace will help you be more conscious of your posture throughout the day and prevent back pain. You will notice how your body feels and make corrections as soon as you feel a slight vibration. This will create muscle memory: in each position of your day you will remember to be with an upright spine;

6 . Picking up and lifting heavy objects:

If you have to pick up an object from the floor, bend your knees instead of lowering your back to pick up the object. Imagine you have a grocery bag from the supermarket on the floor, implement over your knees before picking up the object. This way you will stay lower and besides avoiding back pain, it will be easier to pick it up;

7 . Computer desk:

If you work at home, replace your usual desk with a tall desk for standing use so that your computer is at eye level and you don't have to lower your neck and spine to type or view the screen. This gorgeous stand-up desk has two levels to place your laptop - perfect to switch from sitting to stand-up working. There other great ergonomic desks on the market like Klvied desk. You can always work a few hours at your regular desk and a few hours at a standing desk. You will notice a positive difference in your posture even after leaving off work;

8 . Remember whenever and wherever you can:

  • If you go for a walk outdoors or in the gym, remember to keep your back straight and aligned with the ground;
  • Get used to viewing your cell phone at eye level and parallel to your face even if it makes your arms tired,
  • While driving your car make use of the upper headrest of your seat. Rest your head on the back of the seat and your back and neck will stay aligned;
  • If you are standing in a line, for example to pay for your groceries in the supermarket, imagine that you have an upright string running from the floor to the back of body and head, and that this string continues upward until it touches the ceiling while your back and head touch this string and remain aligned. According to this article from Harvard University this is a step to get used for an upright posture;

9 . Learn effective posture correction exercises to do at home by yourself:

A US team of researchers analyzed the impact of 88 people after they followed a spinal correction exercise plan. At the end of two months most people had no more pain in their shoulders, middle and lower back according to the study published at National Library of Medicine. Do not have time to go to the gym to practice Pilates? No problem, experts are already on youtube to help you. Start watching this video from Jo, a physical therapist and practice the posture correction positions by yourself. For certain posture exercises to do as you wake up see this video by Dr. Mandell.

10 . Keep practicing:

If you do not practice for few days, do not wander about it. Simply re-start some habits in the next day such as point number 2 and 3. If you want different results (posture correction) be willing to work towards it.

We wish you good health and upright posture!

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