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9 books and audiobooks that will make you laugh out loud now

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There is lots of things that you must care about through your day. Although you should reserve some time to educate your mind to the fun. You must know about the news, you must care about the environment and other relevant topics about the world that is ultimately your home. Yet, you should also reserve a portion of our day to unwind and have some laughs. There is the old saying: laugh is the best medicine. People across many centuries have been saying that laugh is the best medicine. Have you ever stopped and wondered how this old saying came about? And why people have been saying this unconsciously through generations? The beginning of the message dates back to the 14th century when a french surgeon assured humor as treatment for post-operatory. Today many scientists around the world have made experiments and published studies on how laughter helps restoring patient's health. Doctors are prescribing laughter as therapy.

In this study published in the american National Library of Medicine it was proved laughter decreased the systolic blood pressure and heart rate while increased serotonin (good-feeling hormone) and relieved depression. Science and medicine proved that good humor and laughter improves positively the psychological and physical functions of the body. Knowing how to sleep better and practicing sports or training has been known to have many health benefits. Consider laughter as equally important.

This study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology concluded that people who cultivate humor in their lives are are more likely to live longer. For 15 years they studied more than 50.000 people and noticed that women with good humors traits had up to 83% less risk of death and men had up to 74% less risk of death. So even if you do not consider yourself a humorous person, know that one of the scientist, Sven Svebak, affirm that it is possible to acquire humorous traits at any age in life. Anything in life whether it is acquiring a skill and achieving a goal, it is all about practice. If you want to be funnier and develop your humor traits, then take the most of the moment. Intend to be lighter and look at things with fun lenses. Just like the girl in the picture with the yellow sunglasses. In order to help you achieve that, we gather here a list of 9 books and audiobooks from comedy starts, stand-up comedians, ex-lawyers, artists, people who passed several missfortunes until they became the most funnier people in the world.

1 . Laugh Your Way to Grace: Reclaiming the Spiritual Power of Humor by Rev. Susan Sparks.

This book deconstructs the overwhelming feeling of laughing and how society sees it. The author is an ex-lawyer turned into a stand-up comedian and minister. This might be a great book wondering how the author changed here life dramatically. It was featured in the Oprah Magazine.

Apart religion, this book is written with a humorous style to convey the message of how important is a pure laugh.

2 . May I Have Your Attention Please? By James Corden

This is the hilariously told story of one of the UK's most famous comedians. From his failures to successes, attempts to make it in the comedy world, his teenage years with girls, exasperating teachers and his persistence on the road to becoming Britain's best loved comedian through the Gavin and Stancey show.

3 . .How Y'all Doing?: Misadventures and Mischief from a Life Well Lived by Leslie Jordan

This is one of the most positively commented audiobooks in internet in general. It is about the life of the Emmy Award-winner Leslie Jordan shared by himself and filled with funny adventures and laughing scenes of this life as actor, singer and writer. An audiobook designed to lift your spirits.

4 . I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend by Martin Short

If you want to have great laughs, then you should also consider hearing this audiobook from one the most famous canadian comedy star. Martin reveals with captivating humor how he pursed his comedy dream from Canada to a sought after start in Hollywood. Laugh out loud about the ridiculousness and the suprising hilarious pieces of imaginable stories.

5 . How to Tell a Joke: An Ancient Guide to the Art of Humor (Ancient Wisdom for Modern Readers Series) by Marcus Cicero

This book will make you learn about how to tell a joke while at the same time having fun. It is a classic from literature about one the most influential preaches of all times: Cicero.

6 . Jokes: 6 Books in 1: The Ultimate Collection of Funny Jokes and Stories for Adults by Joe King

This book is for those who want to laugh about some adult jokes. For more details, check here.

7 . Hilarious Jokes for 8 Year Old Kids: An Awesome LOL Joke Book for Kids Filled with Tons of Tongue Twisters, Rib Ticklers, Side Splitters and Knock Knocks (Hilarious Jokes for Kids) by Haden Fox

A happy childhood is filled with play and laughter. Offering a book for to get the kid habituated with reading books while enjoying clever laughter is a great gift to offer, good for trips and homework pauses.

8 . I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons by Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss is one of the most successful comedians in the USA. His tours sell out football stadiums and his films have grossed over $3.5 billion. He is considered the most hilarious and beloved storytellers today. "Hart is an incredibly magnetic storyteller, both on the page and on stage, and that's what shines through in this genial and entertaining guide to a life in comedy" (Kirkus Reviews).

9 . If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won't) by Betty White

The title alone is pretty hilarious. It's about the funny life story of Betty White, the seven-time Emmy-winning entertainer. Prepare to be delighted by some tender and moving real scenes as well several funny stories from here own life.

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